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PHOTON ENERGY GmbH, an ISO 9001 certified German company provides solutions for laser material processing and precision micro-machining. PHOTON ENERGY develops and manufactures pulsed and ultra short pulsed lasers for industrial and medical applications. The compact nano- and picosecond-DPSS-lasers are available as standalone and OEM versions. Besides laser sources PHOTON ENERGY offers also complete workstations and turnkey table top systems for marking and surface structuring applications, as well as for high precision micromachining.

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UDI regulations require lifelong markings on surgical instruments and in general on class 1-3 medical devices which are reused and reprocessed before each use.

Conventional laser marking fails to deliver lifelong markings for this purpose on stainless steel. PERMAblack, a contact-free marking technology by PHOTON ENERGY generates markings on stainless steel which are:

  • resistant against passivation, corrosion, autoclaving
  • deep black independent from viewing angle
  • pin sharp
  • high resolution
  • well readable throughout the entire expected product lifetime
  • non-cytotoxic
  • suitable also for implants since bulk material is not affected by heat PERMAblack is also suitable for copper, brass, titanium alloys, aluminum PERMAblack is the perfect match for UDI PERMAblack is validated (FDA compliant) PERMAblack is field proven for more than 5 years.

The WORKSTATION L is a very compact and flexible laser system. It features a large marking area of 500 x 500 x 500 mm³ and can be equipped with all of our beam sources. The system satisfies the highest standards regarding quality and performance. The semi-automatic door and adjustable display-mount allow for an ergonomic workplace.

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A saturated black color of the metallic surface can be achieved by using the CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser with our proprietary PERMAblack marking process. The markings created with this laser have a deep black appearance that is independent of the viewing angle. If corrosion-resistant parts are marked in black with the CEPHEUS laser, no subsequent passivation (protection against corrosion) of the marked surface is necessary, in contrast to marking with a nanosecond laser.

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