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SINGULUS TECHNOLGOIES builds innovative machines and systems for efficient and resource-friendly production processes. For medical technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers machine technology for wet-chemical processes, coating technology processes as well as injection-molding of small plastic parts where high precision and extremely high quality are required. A common trait of all processes is the basic principle of efficient, low-resource production technology.

The core competencies include vacuum coating, surface processing, wet-chemical and thermal production processes. The company offers machines, which are used worldwide in the solar, semiconductor, medical technology, consumer goods and optical disc sectors. For all of the machines, processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES harnesses its automation and process technology expertise.

Products and services

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers processing machines for the treatment of contact lenses from residues and subsequently coats the lenses in the course of an additional processing step. The production system can be used for various applications also outside of the ophthalmic sector. Medical products of various formats can be processed by the system.

For the medical industry SINGULUS supplies machine technology for wet-chemical treatment and processes of vacuum coating technology as well as the injection molding of small plastic components with high precisions and utmost quality requirements. All processes share the basic idea of an efficient and resource-friendly production technology. SINGULUS assures product quality to meet the binding market requirements of health agencies, in particular the rules of the FDA, SINGULUS is a globally active company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 – certification for medical technology to DIN EN ISO13485 has been prepared.

MEDLINE Wet Processing System

The approved SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES wet bench equipment is available for applications for a wide range of different materials. Flat substrates in large dimensions can be processed but also small threedimensional and thin parts are typical for high volume production equipment as well as customized tools for special applications:
• Washing and pre-cleaning
• Cleaning
• Ultra- or megasonic cleaning
• Surface conditioning
• Etching
• Surface modification
• Coating
• Electrochemical etching

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Vacuum Deposition Technology

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has delivered far more than 8,000 vacuum coating machines. The spectrum sputtering as well as plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). In addition CVD or aerosol assisted CVD (AACVD) are used.

• Antibacterial coatings
• Dense barrier & gradient layers
• Antireflection coatings, hard coatings and clean coatings
• Adhesion promoting layers
• Plasma functionalization & Plasma cleaning & sterilization
• Decorative coatings

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Electric Injection Molding for Thin-Wall Medical Parts

Electric Injection Molding for Thin-Wall Medical Parts
In molding, the high demands in medical production – best mechanical properties, especially with regards to substrate flatness and high replication rates of the tiny pits are fulfilled with the compact machine MOLDPRO/2. This platform with more than 350 installed machines is also capable for other applications like the field of medical engineering with its clean-room requirements.

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