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Fritz Stephan Protects Its Ventilators and Implements Internet-Based Licensing with CodeMeter

Fritz Stephan GmbH, a world leader in medical ventilation solutions, utilizes Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter to protect its IP against counterfeiting and reverse engineering, implement a secure internet-connected software licensing solution, and enable secure system upgrades in the field. With CodeMeter, they structured a scalable licensing model where they can remotely activate features on-demand. This allows them to create new post-sales revenues and deliver responsive pricing models for their customers. To ensure the integrity of the devices, CodeMeter Embedded is integrated into the software and a unique CodeMeter SD card (CmCard/SD) is built directly into each device. No one can access this card without physically tampering with the machine, while the maintenance or sales personnel of Fritz Stephan can easily replace them.

Exhibitor: Wibu Systems

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