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About us

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH, an ISO 9001 / 13485 certified German company provides solutions for laser material processing and precision micro-machining. PHOTON ENERGY develops and manufactures pulsed and ultra short pulsed lasers for industrial and medical applications. The compact nano- and picosecond-DPSS-lasers are available as standalone and OEM versions. Besides laser sources PHOTON ENERGY offers also complete workstations and turnkey table top systems for marking and surface structuring applications, as well as for high precision micromachining.

Products and services

- picosecond laser sources 2W - 50W - nanosecond laser sources - laser marking systems - OEM laser markers customized solution


The CEPHEUS is a versatile tool for micromachining applications in industry and medical. - 2 - 16 W average power - >300 µJ pulse energy <15 ps aircooled - compact size - low cost of ownership

The CEPHEUS 1050 is a perfect tool for efficient production in fields like: Medical technology for fast black-marking (corrosion-free) of stainless steel or anodized aluminium



Alike the lower power versions, the CEPHEUS 1050 offers burst-mode- and single-shot-operation and high pulse energies of 300µJ.

The laser is suitable for precision micro-materials-processing of all kind of materials and enables higher throughput due to its high average power of 50W.

Typical applications are:

display glass cutting, engraving, cutting, drilling, wafer dicing, fast black-marking (corrosion-free) of stainless steel or anodized aluminium



WORKSTATION is a universal laser processing cabinet for various marking and structuring applications up to 2.5D. It can be equipped with our ns-laser-sources LEO, AQUILA or FIBER or our ultrafast laser system CEPHEUS. It comes with a software-controlled Zaxis. Additional options include a rotation axis or an X-Y-table. The large semiautomatic door and the Z-axis vertical stroke of 300 mm enable markings of large and bulky objects.
The WORKSTATION meets all requirements of a class I laser device.

News & Innovations

PERMAblack marking process of medical instruments (corrosion-free)  A saturated black color of the metallic surface can be achieved by using the CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser with our proprietary PERMAblack marking process. The markings created with this laser have a deep black appearance that is independent of the viewing angle (in contrast to annealing colors).

If corrosion-resistant parts are marked in black with the CEPHEUS laser, no subsequent passivation (protection against corrosion) of the marked surface is necessary, in contrast to marking with a nanosecond laser.

One particularly interesting application is the dark or black marking of anodized aluminum. In this case, no changes to the surface structure are identifiable even when the surface is examined under an electron microscope. Despite that, the marking is deeply black, independent of the viewing angle and completely abrasion-proof.

Some of the metals and metal alloys that are particularly suitable here include: stainless steel types, various types of medical-grade stainless steel, copper, precious metals such as gold, anodized or untreated aluminum, and many more.


Braeunleinsberg 10
91242 Ottensoos

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Hans-Peter Wunde
Sales Laser Sources
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